Experience the

wonder, mystery, amazement,

mayhem and magic, this winter/spring 2013!



A brand new show with Rob Gaffney – Magician that will be a ‘world’s first’ pushing the boundaries of a theatrical show.  Forget what you know about magic shows.  This show has been over two years in the making and will feature some very theatrical, magical happenings.  Featuring Oz the Talking Toucan who will narrate the show.

Get ready to experience something completely different from your typical magic show.  This show will grab all of your senses and feelings taking them on a wonderful journey into another world, exploring the joy, wonderment and adventure of seeing and experiencing things for the first time.  Allowing the child in all of us to come out and see the world from a different point of view.  Experience the wonder, amazement, magic and mayhem this winter/spring 2013!


To whet your appetite and wish you all a Happy Holidays and a great 2013 I am sharing this clip below of Mayhem in action.  It gives you a sneak peek into his wonderful world, and he can be seen soon live and in person!