‘Top Secret’ Show Update

Hi there – Rob Gaffney Magician updating the site with news about the worlds first new ‘Top Secret’ Show coming in Winter/Spring 2013!  I have loaded up a short video clip of Mayhem the Monster in action.  I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and great 2013.  May your 2013 be as exciting as mine will be with this new show which will be appearing in the UK very soon.

Rob Gaffney wins the Home Counties Magic Societies Pearman Cup 2012

On Thursday 18th October I competed against five other entrants for the Pearman Cup at the Home Counties Magic Society in Reading.  The competition is held annually and the picture to the left sees me receiving the cup from president Brian Dodridge for the 2012 competition.  It is indeed a pleasure to have won the cup for 2012 for the most entertaining stage magic act.

The magic that I performed to win the Pearman Cup is indeed Magic that I perform when booked for my Cabaret and Stand-Up Spots along with a few pieces I also perform in my Close-Up Magic Sets.  To see what the judges were so impressed with you will have to book me I’m afraid!  No secrets to be had here now.

I look forward to performing at an event near you soon so you to can experience the award winning magic of Rob Gaffney – Magician.

‘Top Secret’….More Clues – World Premier Winter/Spring 2013!

Oz the Talking Toucan


Rob Gaffney Magician here giving you some more clues to a ‘World First’ show that will premier winter/spring 2013 in the UK.  Over two years in the making the show will feature some very theatrical, magical happenings.  Including Oz the Talking Toucan (left) who will narrate the show.  Get prepared for a show full of wonder, amazement, magic and mayhem.  Yes you read that right!  Keep checking this site for a new special page dedicated to this show which will be launching soon.  It will have show updates and also include the date for the world premier of the show, as well as tour updates.

Get ready to experience something completely different to your typical magic show.  This show will grab all of your senses and feelings taking them on a wonderful journey into another world and back again.  Exploring the joy and wonderment of seeing things for the first time.  Become a child again and see the world from a different point of view.  Experience the wonder, amazement, magic and mayhem this winter/spring 2013!

Major Site Update

Rob Gaffney RingsHello Rob gaffney Magician updating the magic on my website. I’ve added a Close-Up Table Magic Page, and a couple of new pictures.

More excitement and magic is on it’s way. All I can tell you now is that it is very ‘Top Secret’ and will be history in the making! This is a very exciting new ‘world first’ project-show coming to the UK brought to you by me Rob Gaffney Magician.

In the mean time watch out for a new bird ‘Oz’ the Toucan to fly into the site soon too. He’ll be flying over from my Robbie Magic website to join us hear exclusively on this site. And no ‘Oz’ isn’t what I mentioned above that is top secret. More clues on that later!

Rob Gaffney New Site Information

Hi there, Rob Gaffney Magician here updating the magic on my new website.  Please stay turned for a completely new look into one of Hampshire’s freshest Close-Up and Cabaret Magicians!

Please do use the enquiry link-page above to contact me for more information on my Close-Up and Cabaret Magic offerings.  Thanks for visiting.