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Cabaret Magic

If you are looking for something a bit larger to entertain your guests at your next event then you have found it.  I have performed my Magic Cabaret’s to great acclaim to thousand’s of people over the years.  Each of my shows is tailored to your needs in terms of time length and space requirements.  I can perform on stage or off, and can also provide an attractive backdrop and lights to make it look very special indeed.  In fact it’s like the west end has come to your event!  They can be any length from 15 Minutes up to an Hour.  However my most popular length is 45 Minutes.  This seems to be a time that is not to long and just about right to create a very special part in your next event.

This type of Magic is best suited for those who want everyone to be entertained at the same time, and can easily be added on to a Close-Up Magic performance for a big finish.  In the picture you see me performing my Straight Jacket Escape, an escape made popular by Harry Houdini in the early 1900’s.  The audience will enjoy my Magic as much in Cabaret as they do up close.  I  provide a real mix of very magical magic to make my shows extra special.  After all if you are performing magic it should be very magical.

Cabaret was for me how I got my start in Magic, performing a Cabaret on the Street’s as a Street Entertainer in Savannah Georgia years ago.  From those humble beginnings I have gone on to entertain with my Cabaret Stage Show in front of over 10,000 people at one large corporate event, and hundreds more over the years.  So if you are looking for that something special to round out your next event please do contact me on my enquiry page using the link above.  I will then send you out more information so that you can make an informed decision.